Our heart is to unite and encourage believers in Israel's health fields.
We offer Pastoral Assistance to Health Care Workers, and for the sick and handicapped believers who need spiritual support in their hour of need. 

The Fellowship of Believers in HealthCare is an interdenominational and inter-ethnic organization among those involved in the healthcare field in Israel.

It does not belong to a denomination and seeks to work in partnership with local and international Healthcare Christian Fellowships.

Since I started five years ago, to search for believers working in Healthcare institutions, the group has grown a lot and today we have reached more than 770 members. We meet monthly in 4 regional groups:  Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Tiberias and in Haifa!

The fellowship of believers working in the healthcare professions and institutions in Israel was established in 2012.

HBF is first of all about people! WE realized how often believing healthcare workers feel very lonely and under attack at their workplace and are unaware that other believers are working in the same health institution. They also often feel unequipped to give « total care » to their patients (body-soul-spiritual care) and to share who they are, as believers, with their colleagues. 

 HBF was created to raise up a generation of Christian/Messianic healthcare professionals and workers who to be light and salt at their workplaces. We believe and teach that the places we are working in are our mission fields. 


In HBF meetings, there is a mixture of doctors, nurses, paramedical professionals, maintenance workers, cleaners, orderlies, social workers, medical secretaries, pharmacists and hospital administrators meeting together. This is the heart of God seeing and using every little instrument to reach His creation with His love, helping us to be the best “healthcare” workers in Israel!




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"I am a nurse working already 4 years in this hospital and I was sure I was alone here. HBF helped me discover that we are 7 believers working here! and this past week I joked with a new Doctor in our ward: 'two things you ask in Israel: Are you Jewish and what was your payslip this past month?' He didn't say how much he earns (probably not a lot) but he said that he was not Jewish! Later I had the JOY to discover that he is a brother in faith! Today we are ... 8" (From a Registered Nurse)

" I am so happy that I heard about HBF, I found people that know what it is to work shifts, to have a patient dying in your arms....I can share with them without entering the details they understand what I am talking about!"
(from a Registered Nurse)

"I joined a prayer walk in one of the hospitals in my city, it was such a blessing to be led by the Spirit of the Lord to intercede for the staff, the patients, to stand in the gap for the believers working there"

(from a Nurse)



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Sunday– Friday  9AM – 6PM

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