• Hebrew- Israel Arabic conversational for doctors and medical staff

    This phrase book for medical staff as been writen to help Hebrew speaking medical staff to communicate with the Arab speakers hospitalized in their institution.

    Each Hebrew sentence is found in arabic. Two audio CDs are sold with the book to help pronounce the sentences. Sentences are classified by medical action categories such as: Admission,Orthopedy, Cardiology...death and burial, guidelines before procedures...etc.

    You can get this set (book and 2 CDs) for 150 Nis only. Contact HBF.

  • Randy Alcorn answers prolife questions in Hebrew

    This book avoids the fluff and gets right to the facts. It is thought-provoking and even inspirational. If you would like this book in its Hebrew translation contact us or the Bead Haim (Prolife Israel) office directly.

  • "The Weeping Willow" Encounters with Grief

    A new book (in Hebrew) has been published which we would like to recommend to every healthcare worker and student of medicine, nursing, psychology and social work.
    Written by Lynne Halamish and Doron Hermoni, it shares 30 real life stories from the health field about death, loss and grief.

  • סוף, סוף בעיברית

    אפליקציה חדשה של מאגר התרופות הישראלי ניתנת להורדה . האפליקציה מכילה את כל התרופות הרשומות בישראל כולל שמות בעברית, התוויות, קישור מהיר לעלון לצרכן ולעלון לרופא, מחירים לצרכן, תמונות ועוד. להורדה חפשו את "מאגר התרופות" באפל סטור. עלות = 2.99$

  • More applications ...

    For our English readers I recommend the following applications for your smart phone:
    >>Medscape for iPhone
    >>Skyscape a very professional tool that offers you a large number of resources
    >>Eye Handbook Ophthalmology for smartphone for all HBF working with eye patients!

    ENJOY the new technology.

  • Urgent Call for Syria

    The tragic situation in Syria has been going on for months. So many families are now without homes or belongings, and they left for safety with only clothes on their backs. As time went by, their needs deepened as they lost all income.
    From Health Outreach to the Middle East (HOME) is writing:
    "The Lord blessed us with faithful Christian Physicians who stayed behind in Homs, Aleppo, Damascus and other Syrian regions of conflict and we definitely seek your help and support.
    Their only hope is God's provision through loving and caring charitable gifts.

    If you want to be part of this effort contact us ASAP by phone or email.