Nov. 21, 2019

From January 6th to Friday 10th

We will pray for the Healthcare fields of Europe and Israel.
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HBF = the fellowship of disciples of Yeshua connected with healthcare in Israel! our Goals”

Nov. 16, 2018

CONNECT healthcare workers to each other and to Yeshua

“ I worked for already a year in the hospital and didn’t know of other believers in Yehsua working in this instituation. At one of our Regional meetings I shared feelings on the matter and we prayed that I will discover the believers working in this large hospital. Few days later as I enter the ward a cleaner stoped me and shared about another believer like me, working in Cardiology!” A nurse from Tel Aviv.

“ I am a Medical Doctor and accomplished my studies outside of Israel. As I came back to the Land and found myself facing the difficulties of bureaucratie, registration exams, working in Israel and knowing where to do my internship. HBF helpt me much during this difficut process. I met other Healthcare professionals that took time to walk with me in the process” A Doctor from Jerusalem.

Nov. 16, 2018

HELP Healthcare workers to enter their calling, to persevere and believe!

“ I strated working as a nurse and I was praying that the Lord will send me to the mission field! I was frustrated, because it didn’t seemed that the Lord was hearing my prayer, until I met HBF! The Lord used our meetings to understand that my work place was my mission fields and that I was already serving HIM!”

Nov. 16, 2018

ENCOURAGE healthcare workers to work for Yeshua and bring the Good News we have received!

“ I was always frustrated to not be able to speak about the Lord freely and bring patients (especialy diying patients) to salvatiion in Yeshua! HBF E.L.S. Course [see page] made me understand that I was presence of Yeshua to the patients and I learn to deal with the different barriers that were standing between myself and the Lord and my patients and between my patient and the Lord. I was released from condamnation and freed to rely be a light in my ward!”

“At one of our HBF meeting I realized that I was not working for the Lord, but to survive financialy. My way of working totaly changed since this day and today I am going joyfuly (most of the time!) to work. From a Nurse in Jersualem.

Nov. 16, 2018

STIMULATE individuals and congregations to pray for helathcare an its workers!

“I participate regularly in our 1st Wednesday of every month watches for Helathcare in Israel. I am amaized to read in the news papers following our meeting how the Lord is answering our intercession in a mighty way!”

Nov. 16, 2018

SERVE the sick, the handicapped, the needy.


HBF was established in 2012 to encourage and equip healthcare workers.HBF IS PEOPLE!